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The mission of Anthem is to help people find their way back to God.

God created us to be in perfect relationship with Him. Sin caused that relationship to be broken, and has caused us to stray away from Him. Wherever we are currently at in our relationship with God, whether we are Christ-followers or not, we need to continue to find our way back to a perfect relationship with Him.


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We believe the whole Bible points to Jesus. If you visit us at either campus of Anthem Church, we can guarantee that you're going to hear about Jesus and the Gospel, regardless of what book we're teaching from in The Bible.



On Mission

In the same way that Jesus was sent, we have been sent to demonstrate Christ's love by meeting physical needs and to proclaim the Gospel, meeting the spiritual needs of the world.

By seeking to understand the culture we live in and living spirit-filled, missional lives we can help people find their way back to God.



Our greatest opportunity to extend the reach of the Gospel and continue to mobilize Christ followers is to reproduce at all levels: leaders, community groups, campuses and churches. 

We place a high value on apprenticeship, and encourage each of our leaders to be training up the next generation of leaders. 



When the truth of the Gospel is applied in community we grow together in truth, unity, love, peace and grace. We will face challenges. There will be times when our patience is tested. When we are marked by Gospel-centered community, we are driven to peace and forgiveness.



Every Sunday at every campus of Anthem Church, we have programs that are designed to help your kids and students find their way back to God. For more information, click on the the appropriate button.



Each week our groups gather and share life together. Some share a meal, dessert, or coffee and much, much, more. We dive into the word of God together and stir one another toward faith and good deeds. Each week, we seek the face of God together through prayer, making our requests known to our incredible Father.


The City is an online tool to help our body connect with one another better, build community, and communicate effectively – from the church to you and you to the church. If you call Anthem Church your home, we highly encourage you to setup an account, and join in on the conversation.

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